I am rejoicing as I write these lines this Monday morning over another glorious week-end! It really is exciting to be in a church where Jesus is really real!
I can't believe it, but it is really true. There is just one more week-end in February of the new year 2017! It is a fact, time is moving fast! I do believe it is just another proof that Jesus is coming sooner than most people realize! What a happy thought! As you are reading this message, I have this most important question I could ever ask of you…are you ready for Christ to come? Are you prayed up, paid up and ready to go up? Nothing between your soul and the Savior is the only way you will be qualified to go up!     
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With hope eternal!


Charles Kirby












SUNDAY MORNING February 26,2017 @ 10:30AM . 

"The Sad Results Of The First Parents"
Genesis 7-15, continuing the series "Foundations For A Wonderful Life"  through Genesis

​SUNDAY EVENING February 26, 2017  @ 6:00PM

 A Sunday Night In Lakeland
featuring the music ministry of
THE WHISNANTS. They will join Darrel Gash, the LGC Singers and Pastor Kirby in an inspiring evening.​

Marlin Nichols of  Lakeland,  Fl. has used  his musical gifts for many years in his home church, Lake  Gibson Nazarene Church.   To order one of his three CD's, go to his website at: www.marlinnichols.com.
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